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Why Do We Not Have Full Schedules? - note dated October 20, 2014

As you have seen, the CRHL is having a very challenging start to the season with regards to ice time and schedules.  This is why complete schedules do not yet appear.

The CRHL is required to use the registration system provided by Hockey Canada.  All players are registered within that system each season, and the CRHL uses it at the start of the season to see how many players have registered in each division.

This year a fault within the system provided false reports.  This fault has affected other leagues as well, and Hockey Canada is aware of it.  The reports showed significantly lower numbers in some divisions than what we actually had, and those false numbers are the ones we based all of our early planning around.

Earlier we had received our allotment of ice time from Clarington which would have been sufficient for our needs.  But when the incorrect, lower numbers came in, we had to give back a portion of the ice time to Clarington.

Once we discovered the true numbers and the scope of the error, we asked Clarington if we could have our allotment returned.  By then it was too late as all of it had been purchased by other leagues in the area.  We are working with Clarington to recover as much as we can, but this process is taking considerable time, more than we expected.

Until we know how much ice time we have to work with we are not able to complete the complex task of finalizing the schedule for the year.  We have a couple of alternative solutions in mind should it not be possible to retrieve the ice time needed, so please bear with us.  We understand the difficulty this puts on everyone and are doing our best to get it worked out ASAP.

Also, once the full schedule is done, the feature within the website provided by Sport Ngin which allows access to schedules via a smart phone, will be available.

Schedules have been posted covering up to November 2.  Please check for your times as the original times given on the previous schedule may have changed.

To view the schedule, select TEAMS, and then SCHEDULE.

If you haven't heard from a coach by now to tell you which team your player is on, please call the CRHL office (905) 432-3001.

No Coach Clinics to be offered by the CRHL

Normally the CRHL offers coach clinics each year.  This year the OMHA have asked us not to as there a number of centres nearby with less than full capacities.

Please check OMHA clinic listings for a class location near you (Coach section of this website).

If this situation changes, we may schedule clinics later this month, but at this time it seems doubtful.

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Respect in Sport - Parent Program - a new requirement

Effective now, at least one parent or guardian of each player registered in the OMHA, and therefore the CRHL, will be required to complete the online Respect in Sport - Parent Education Program as a condition of their child’s participation.

This course must be taken BEFORE you can register your child for play in the 2014-2015 season.

Additional information - Respect in Sport - Parent Program

Select to learn more about the program and to link to the course.

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2013-2014 Thank You to CRHL Sponsors

2013-2014 Thank You to CRHL Sponsors