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Convenience Fee

Convenience Fee

Hockey Canada Convenience Fee - $2

As you may know, Hockey Canada runs the registration system used for minor hockey in Canada.  The CRHL is obliged to use this as the system for registration of our members.

At the Hockey Canada Semi-Annual meeting in November 2010, it was decided a $2 online convenience fee would be applied to all debit and credit card transactions completed in the registration system starting July 1, 2011.  This decision was unanimously approved.

The purpose of the Hockey Canada Convenience Fee is to establish a fund to reinvest back into a technology fund to support continued improvements and development of the Online Payment Web Systems.

This decision affects all CRHL members who use the on-line registration system.

The convenience fee is non-refundable.

The convenience fee will be displayed to members on the payment processing page at the time of their registration fee payment.  It will be displayed as a separate line item.

The convenience fee is charged for each transaction.  If two members are registered during one transaction, the single fee of $2 is added to the entire transaction.  If two players are registered at separate times with separate transactions, then the $2 convenience fee will be charged with each of the two transactions.