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Helmets must have the CSA or HECC sticker of approval on at all times.
(Removal of the sticker(s) invalidates the helmet.)

Removal of the ear protector or guards and applying paint or stickers is considered an alteration of the helmet and also invalidates the CSA or HECC certification.


Fitting Instructions

1.  Helmets should fit the player's head snugly.  Proper fit means that the helmet stays put and  does not rattle if the player shakes his/her head from side to side.

2.   The front of the helmet should fit just above the eyebrows.

3.   The chinstrap should be fastened and secure the helmet to the head.  The strap is secure if the helmet remains stationary when an upward pressure is applied to the front of the helmet and does not ride up the forehead.

4.   Any helmet with a crack in the outer shell must be replaced.

5.   The padding inside the helmet should be checked over time to ensure that it has retained its protective qualities.  Check the padding by pressing the thumb into it.  If it is resilient and retains its original form it has maintained its protective quality.