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Skates should fit a half size smaller than street shoes. 

When trying on skates wear a pair of socks the same thickness as those to be worn when skating. 

Ensure that the socks are wrinkle free to prevent irritation and chaffing.

The laces should be loose enough to allow the foot to slide forward so that the tips of the toes press against the front of the skate.  In this position you should be able to place one finger between the boot and the back of the players heel. 

Before lacing up the skate reposition the foot in the boot by banging the heel of the blade against the floor.  When lacing up the skate the first 3 eyelets should be snug, the next three eyelets loose (to prevent constriction) and the last 2 to 4 eyelets very snug. 

Fit of the skate is then determined by the width of separation between the eyelets on either side of the boot.  This width should be 1 1/2'' to 2'' for proper fit.  The skate tongue should be worn behind the shin pad to fully protect the lower shin.