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Elbow Pads

The elbow pad offers protection to the elbow and forearm and should meet or overlap slightly with the shoulder pads and glove to afford maximal protection of the forearm and arm area above the elbow. 

Some elbow pads are designed specifically for left or right arms.  Ensure pads are placed on appropriate arms.  To ensure proper fit place the donut ring inside the pad on the point of the elbow. 

Fasten the Velcro straps securely so that the pad remains in place when the elbow is extended.  Elbow movement should be free of restriction.

The elbow and forearm are protected from blows, falls, and slashing by rigid plastic moldings in the form of a cup over the point of the elbow and slash guard along the outside of the forearm. 

It is important to periodically check the cup for cracks and the donut pad for its absorbing qualities to ensure that the pad is still able to protect this area.