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To ensure the development of good stick handling techniques and puck control it is important to pick the right stick. 

Sticks come in junior and senior sizing reflecting differences in shaft size and blade length.  A junior stick with a straight blade is preferred.  Senior sticks are larger and recommended for intermediate and older players who can control a heavier stick. 

The proper length of the stick is measured with the player in street shoes.  The top of the shaft should rest between the chin and mouth while the toe of the stick is on the ground.  If the player is in skates the top of the shaft should reach just below the chin. 

The stick may be made of wood or aluminum.  Younger players will tend to have greater puck control with lighter more flexible sticks.  The butt end or top of the shaft must be covered with tape or commercially made butt ends to prevent injuries.  Aluminum shafts come with a wooden plug, which must be inserted into the top of the stick and then taped.

When taping the blade of a stick start at the heel and work towards the toe.