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Patron's Code of Conduct

Municipality of Clarington

Clarington Community Services Department

Patrons' Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

To Provide the Ultimate Opportunity in the Provision and Development of Recreational Programs, Facilities and Professional Expertise to our Residents.

The Municipality of Clarington Community Services Department is proud of the facilities, programs and services we provide to our residents and patrons. In order to ensure a safe, pleasant and memorable experience for all during your visit, we ask that you comply with the Patrons' Code of Conduct listed below.

The Patrons' Code of Conduct is anchored on the premise of respect:

  • Respect for other patrons
  • Respect for staff
  • Respect for our facility

Please refrain from the following activities:

  • Smoking, except as permitted in designated areas
  • Behaving in a manner which may interfere with the enjoyment of the facilities or programs by other patrons or cause damage to the facility (i.e. running, horseplay, fighting, spitting, swearing, abusive or threatening language, intimidating behavior, littering)
  • Blocking corridors, hallways or exits. Please deposit all equipment, sports bags, sticks etc. along the walls so as not to impede traffic flow or create a safety hazard.
  • Wearing clothing or apparel that intentionally hides the identity of an individual, except for religious purposes.
  • Using in-line skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.
  • Distributing and posting flyers or other literature, or solicitation of products and services, without the expressed permission of the Community Services Department.
  • Using photographic capable equipment, such as, cellular phones, personal digital assistants and cameras in the change rooms and washrooms.
  • Bringing any animal into the facility, without the permission of the Community Services Department (excluding special aid animals).
  • Taking photographs or videos, without the expressed permission of the Community Service Department


Children aged 9 and under, not participating in a scheduled activity or program, must remain under the direct supervision of an adult or responsible guardian of at least 14 years of age. Direct supervision is defined as the child or children being in sight of the parent or guardian at all times.

Failure to respect the Patrons' Code of Conduct may result in your removal from our Facilities and Programs.

In addition -
Remember the CRHL policy.
24 hour "RULE TO COOL"

If a situation arises from a game, practice, or anything else, please follow the league's policy and wait 24 hours to think about it before writing or calling.