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Coaches Updates

COACHES - Check out the Rules  on the web site.


You MUST hand in a police check BEFORE the start of the season.


Coaches are to report game results to the convenor ASAP.
It only takes a minute when you get home after the game
to send a quick email or a quick phone call.
Once the Convenors have all the results from the games
they can enter them on the website.
If your results are behind or incorrect contact your convenor.



All exhibiton games have to be booked through Mike Morin.

Any player who is registered with the CRHL or TOROS who wants to help
with the on ice practices has to be in full equipment regardless of age.
This has come from the OMHA.

Anyone else who wants to help on the ice at practices has to pay for the insurance which is $17.44 and fill out an insurance form which has to be given to the CRHL office along with payment.

Insurance forms available at the CRHL office.