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Coach Application

Coaching Staff Application

For the positions of:

Coach, Trainer, Manager, Asst. Coach, Asst. Trainer

Please click on the link below and complete the online application.

A hard copy application is also linked below and can be emailed to  or dropped off at the CRHL office if you would prefer.

Please also be sure to read the protected volunteer guidelines - this now gives coaches in all divisions the opportunity to request a specific trainer for their team. 


Bench Staff Online Application 2019-20

This application is for both coaches and trainers

CRHL Protected Volunteer - Trainer Specific

Dear Coaches,

Please keep in mind that the purpose of allowing coaches to reserve a Trainer’s child is to allow bench staff to remain together for multiple years.  This is not meant to be an opportunity to create the strongest team possible, but rather a chance for coaches to maintain a bench staff they are confident they can work with.  We request that you, as coaches, keep in mind that making this league as fair and equitable as possible for all involved is the best way to ensure that all of our sons and daughters experience one great season after another. As a fellow coach, I trust we all want the best for our children—which is not the result of a ‘win at all cost’ mentality.  Let’s take this opportunity to prove that reserving multiple players can be a success so not only our children can benefit, but future players can also enjoy the process.

Thank you,

Peter Gadd

CRHL Coaching Selection & Draft Committee